5 best WordPress lazy load plugins to optimize image-heavy website speed

5 best WordPress lazy load plugins to optimize image-heavy website speed
Your WordPress website may be a perfect mix of the most informative content and the most stirring design, but if it is taking a tad too much time to load on the user’s browser.

In the present-day era, user experience counts the most on the web. Gone are the days when you would adorn your website with Flash and scatter those bells and whistles all over to attract new visitors. Now, the Internet audience wants a smoother experience when they are accessing a website. And site’s speed is the biggest contributor to the user experience.

Some surveys have collectively proven than an average web user abandons a website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load on his/her browser. And it is highly likely that the users leaving your website will head right away to your competitor’s website.

Particularly, when you have the web users using mostly their Smartphones and other mobile devices to surf the Internet, the speed concern is further elevated. The mobile Internet connections are comparatively weaker and thus, your website has to be structured in a way that it loads quickly on the mobile devices as well.

This is when the need arises to find ways that can speed up the site’s speed, irrespective of which device or platform it is being accessed on. WordPress has a number of options and among those, the lazy load plugins have proved to be the most effective and most reliable tools for you to keep the speed blues at bay.

So, here are the best lazy load plugins that can truly make a difference:

1) jQuery image lazy load WP

jQuery image lazy load WP WordPress plugin

One of the most speed-affecting factors in any website is the images. Now, high definition images are critical to the success of any website and that’s why webmasters do not refrain from using them, irrespective of the negative impact they may have on the site’s performance. jQuery Image Lazy Load plugin however comes as a much-welcome tool that allows you to include high resolution images on the site without having to worry about its speed.

As the name goes, the plugin appends the jQuery lazy load with the images on your site. The plugin is extremely user friendly and as soon as you install and activate it, it will take care of the rest. As and when your site visitors open any page containing images, it will make sure that the images are loaded only when the visitors scroll down, without putting burden on the server.

2) Rocket lazy load

Rocket lazy load WordPress plugin

Here is a plugin that performs some great optimization of your website, without bringing into picture the jQuery. Again, this plugin ensures that the pictures in a certain post do not load until the users scroll down to view the images.

Apart from the usual lazy load functions, the Rocket Lazy Load plugin does a great job of bringing down the number of HTTP requests made when a user makes a request to load a web page.

3) Unveil lazy load

Unveil lazy load WordPress plugin

It’s first action is to reduce the data size that is meant to be loaded on the user’s browser. And with truncated data, it becomes easier and faster to load the web page with heavy sized elements that have now been downsized. It also uses a jQuery plugin that is modeled on the Unveil.js and thus, only once the user reaches the image view port is the respective image loaded.

4) LaziestLoader: jQuery plugin to smartly Lazy load images

The plugin stays true to its name and performs the lazy loading exercise with much gusto. It is a plugin with responsiveness-aware feature that ensures fast loading of web pages by delaying the process of loading the images. You have a freedom to input an image source and it will take care of the rest.

5) BJ lazy load

BJ lazy load WordPress plugin

Among the many lazy load plugins available to the general audience, the BJ Lazy Load plugin well and truly stands tall. This plugin delays the loading of all types of images, whether they appear within the posts, or the thumbnails or even the Gravatar images. And it is also very easily configurable.

This list most definitely represents the best plugins you can choose from. So, get doing right away.