Best WordPress Themes to turn your blog in to a Tumblr like website

Tumblr is a micro blogging community and a social network. By the help of the below given themes you can convert your WordPress blog in to a Tumblr like microblogging engine. Here are the functionalities which you can add by using the below given themes:

1) Grid layout: Just like Tumblr, you can have grid based layout in your blogs.

2) Posts keep loading when you scroll: When you scroll down the blogs, then the posts keep appearing, just like in Tumblr.

3) Portfolio: Theme creates an entirely new Portfolio section which you can put it or remove it as per your needs.

4) Supports different post types: Just like Tumblr you can have custom post types where you can posts text, videos, photos, audio, links, etc.

5) Automatic thumbnail generation: These Tumblr themes comes with TimThumb which handles the automatic creation of thumbnails and image resizing.

6) Different layouts: You can change the layout of the website as per your needs.

7) Theme color options: The theme color options can be changed from the theme settings.

8) Ad management: All the themes are advertisements ready and you have to simply add the codes in the theme.

9) Social sharing buttons: Social sharing buttons will be added automatically. You just have to enter the URL of a particular social network like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

10) Widget shortcodes: Themes uses widgets shortcodes so that you can add widgets anywhere in the blog by using shortcodes. Here, we have created a list of some of the best Tumblr WordPress themes:

1) Old Post:

Old Post Tumblr WordPress Theme

2) Kundera:

Kundera Tumblr WordPress Theme

3) Tiny Blog:

Tiny Blog Tumblr WordPress Theme

4) Black Sakura

Black Sakura Tumblr WordPress Theme

5) Fast Blog

Fast Blog Tumblr WordPress Theme