Enriching WordPress websites with mobile compatibility via WPTouch Pro

Enriching WordPress websites with mobile compatibility via WPTouch Pro
Over the years, WordPress has quite comfortably gained an edge over its competitors when it comes to choosing an effective content management system(CMS). The remarkable themes, plugins and extensions available with WordPress CMS have given birth to millions and millions of websites which cater to different groups of audiences. If you too own a WordPress website then you’re in high luck because you can gain access to some remarkable features that can pace up your profits. Nowadays, with everything being incredibly influenced by the mobile technology, it is quite essential for you to handle mobile visitors for your WordPress website. While there are a number of methods that enable you to customize your WordPress site for smart phone/smart tablet users, the one which has been appreciated and recommended by global WordPress users is using the WPTouch Pro plugin. Through this blog, I’ll be serving you useful information on mobile-optimization of WordPress websites via the handy and effective WPTouch Pro plugin.

A brief on WPTouch Plugin

As a highly commendable WordPress plugin, WPTouch Pro can transform your plain WordPress website into one that renders native mobile experience to the contemporary smart phone users. Equipped with features such as IOS home-screen integration, comprehensive internationalization support etc. WPTouch is a must-try for every WordPress website owner.

WPTouch Pro Plugin- How does the installation go?

For installing WPTouch Pro plugin in your WordPress website, simply purchase the plugin and once you’re done with the same make a note of the license key that you receive thereafter. Now, download the file for the plugin and start the installation process, followed by activating the plugin via the site’s admin dashboard. Once activated, you’ll view a message wherein you will be required to enter the received license key. Here, just enter the license key for affirming your interest in receiving regular plugin updates, add-ons and themes.

WPTouch Pro Plugin- How does it work?

After you have completed the installation of WPTouch Pro plugin, a menu item will get added into the WordPress admin bar. You can go to WP Touch Pro-> Core Settings for configuring the multiple options available for creating mobile version of your WordPress website. Here is the list of steps that you need to follow for creating mobile-compatible version of your WordPress website:

Step 1- You can start by changing the website’s title and byline to something that can fit well into device’s with smaller screens. The built-in Regionalization feature will automatically detect the language of your website from the plugin installation. However, you are free to manually select a different language altogether for your site’s mobile version.

Step 2- As the second step, you can use the ‘Display’ option that’s available within the plugin’s core settings for manually disabling the site’s mobile theme, without deactivating the WPTouch Pro plugin. While the default setting is ‘Normal’, you can alter it to ‘Preview’, thereby making the mobile-compatible version of your WordPress website visible to just the administrators, only when they are logged in. Moreover, you may even opt for the ‘Disabled’ option which allows you to turn off the display of your site’s mobile version.

Step 3- Preview and save the changes made to the WordPress website. Now that you are through with making changes using WPTouch’s core settings page, it’s time to preview the mobile version of the website in your desktop. You can do this by clicking the ‘Preview’ button. After getting satisfied with the looks and functionality of the site’s mobile version, just click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save all the settings.

Some other add-on features that can be availed after installing WPTouch Pro plugin in your WordPress website include:

There’s no need for maintaining a separate URL for your WP website. You can simply keep the original URL for the mobile compatible version of your website.

You can link Google AdSense and Google Analytics accounts with your WordPress website. Doing this will enable you to earn a hefty income, while monitoring the count of users who are accessing your website from their mobile devices.

If you are able to perform configuration in the right way, WPTouch Pro can be maintained absolutely free of cost.

You can choose from two mobile themes available with WPTouch Pro viz: The Default theme and the Skeleton theme. Plus, the handy customization options allow you to tweak the fonts, styles, header, footer, menus, icons etc. for your website in a convenient way. Talking about images placed within the web pages, you can opt for turning off the same as attachments, thereby preventing the appearance of double images when the mobile-friendly version of your website is being accessed by the users.

Wrapping it all up

Despite having a visually impressive and functionality-loaded WordPress website, you may tend to lose the attention of potential customers if you fail to impress the customers accessing your portal via mobile phones. Therefore, don’t delay and simply embrace the WPTouch Pro plugin to render an ultimate user experience to your site’s mobile audience.