How to change the Featured slider settings in Elegant Themes

To change the slider settings in Elegant Themes, go to:

Appearance –> “Name of Theme” Theme Options –> General Settings  –> Featured Slider

1) To display Featured Slider, enable it from option Display Featured Slider.

2) To turn on or off duplicate featured articles: Go to Option: Duplicate Featured Articles: In some cases your Featured Articles will also be one of your most recent articles, in which case the article will be displayed twice on the homepage. If you would like to remove duplicate posts enable this option.

3) To select featured category of your slider: Go to option: Featured Category: Here you can choose which category to be used to populate the Featured Slider on the homepage. This only applies if you have disabled the Use Pages option.

4) To set number of featured slides: Go to option: Number of Featured Slides: This setting controls how menu tabs are added to the Featured Articles slider on the homepage.

5) To turn on automatic slider animation: Go to option: Automatic Slider Animation: If you would like the Featured Articles slider to slide automatically, without the visitor having to click the next button, enable this option and then adjust the rotation speed.

6) To use pages in slider: Go to option: Use pages: The homepage Featured Slider can be set up using two methods. You can populate the slider using Posts, or you can populate it using Pages. If you would like to use Pages in the Featured Slider then enable this option.

After you have changed your settings, click on Save.

7) To set slider animation speed: Go to option: Automatic Animation Speed (in ms): Here you can designate how fast the slider fades between each article. The higher the number the longer the pause between each rotation.

8) To select which pages to be appeared in featured slider: Go to option: Include pages in the Featured Slider (if Use Pages enabled): If you selected Use Pages above, then use the check boxes to choose which pages are displayed in the Featured Slider.