How to check the way a WordPress theme looks in iPhone, iPad and other devices?

Nowadays, most of the WordPress themes are responsive that means they look the same in every device or screen resolutions. If a WordPress theme is not responsive then it will look different in different devices and screen resolutions. That’s the very reason a WordPress theme should be updated as most of the people these days browse from iPhone and iPad. If the WordPress theme is non responsive, then it could be distorted too in some devices. If you want to verify how a theme would look in different devices then simply visit here. Enter the URL of your website in the top field. Then, select the option “Device sizes” and press Enter.

Here you can view your theme in 5 different screen resolutions and devices:

1) 240 x 320: In a regular small phone.

2) 320 x 480: In iPhone.

3) 480 x 640: In a smaller tablet.

4) 768 x 1024: In iPad, Portrait View.

5) 1024 x 768: In iPad, Landscape View.