List of best app WordPress themes for iPhone, android, web apps, software download sites

You can easily create an app based WordPress site to publish your iPhone apps, iPad apps, iPod apps, iOS apps, android apps, Symbian apps, Windows phone apps, blackberry apps, cell phone apps, mobile apps, web apps or a software download site by using a WordPress theme which is specifically designed for this purpose. By the help of these WordPress themes you can set up an application download sites in a fly. Here are the features of these themes:

1) Apps Showcase and display: The most important point of a app download WordPress theme is that it provides the functionality to show off your Apps in a more user friendly way. It provides options to download the app from Apple store, Google Play or any other source which you can add as per your requirements.

2) Apps in sliders: If you have multiple apps to display then you can add an automatic slider in the homepage. You can set up which apps have to be displayed in the sliders.

3) Introductory video on apps: You can add video presentations about your apps in the posts. You just have to add the video codes from poular video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

4) Custom contact forms: You can add custom contact forms in the site from the Theme Settings page.

5) Custom widgets: You can add custom widgets to display content in a clean fashion like social networking status, tabbed widgets, etc.

6) Translation ready: Theme elements can be modified to any language as per your needs.

7) Custom sidebars: You can add sidebars in different locations of your theme like left side, right side, footer, etc.

8) Responsive themes: WordPress app themes are responsive to any device and screen resolutions. They look alike in iPhone, iPad, and other smart phones and tablets.

9) Custom fonts: You can change the fonts in individual elements. There are plethora of fonts which have already been added in the theme.

10) In-built pricing tables: Some of the themes comes with in-built pricing tables. This is very useful tool if you want to sell your apps in the site.

11) Different color themes: You can pick any color scheme from the Theme Settings page.

12) PSD files: These files can be used for editing the images in the website from Photoshop.

13) Shortcode generator: You can generate shortcodes which can be used for adding various elements anywhere in your theme.

14) FAQ and knowledge base page: Some of the themes given below have inbuilt section to add FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and knowledge base page. It is added by using a custom post type in WordPress.

15) Blog section: Apart from the app download site, this is would be the regular blog section. You can create blog posts here as usual.

16) Easy theme customization: While editing your theme you don’t ahve to worry about the HTML or PHP codes. You can easily edit the look and feel of the theme from the settings page.

Here is a list of best app WordPress themes for iPhone, android, web apps, software download sites:

1) Grizzly:

Grizzly App WordPress theme

2) FluidApp:

FluidApp App WordPress theme

3) MyApp Adaptive:

MyApp Adaptive App WordPress theme

4) Appify:

Appify App WordPress theme

5) CheerApp:

CheerApp App WordPress theme

6) Rocksolid:

Rocksolid App WordPress theme

7) Launch:

Launch App WordPress theme

8) SOFA iBloggr:

SOFA iBloggr App WordPress theme

9)MyApp theme:

MyApp App WordPress theme

10) DotMobi:

DotMobi App WordPress theme

11) My Mobile:

My Mobile App WordPress theme

12) 1stGiantLeap:

1stgiantleap App WordPress theme

13) My Mobile Page:

My Mobile Page App download WordPress theme

14) iWorld:

iWorld App download WordPress theme

15) Simple Mobile:

Simple MobileApp download WordPress theme

16) iPhone App:

iPhone App download WordPress theme

17) Fresh Serve:

Fresh Serve App download WordPress theme

18) iSite:

iSite App download WordPress theme

19) Fusion:

Fusion App download WordPress theme

20) Foxy:

Foxy App download WordPress theme