List of best online ecommerce shopping store WordPress themes

If you want to create an online e-commerce shopping store, shop, bazaar, market, e-store for selling products in your WordPress blog then, in this post you will find the themes for that. These themes will turn your blog in to a full featured e-commerce shopping e-store. These themes can also be used for emporium, market, mart, outlet, and other online shopping related niche. Here are the features of the e-commerce themes:

1) E-commerce online store: These themes turn your blog in to a e-commerce store such that users can buy products from your website. It offers a shopping cart to your users where they can add products and then checkout when they are done. You can sell almost any type of products in these stores. You can easily create catalog for your entire product range in a fly.

2) Shipping options: You can edit the shipping options from the Theme settings page as per your requirements. These options will be displayed to the user in the front end of your store.

3) Multiple Payment gateways: These e-commerce themes support multiple payment gateways like PayPal, bank transfer Google Checkout, WorldPay, and COD (Cash on Delivery). You can enable each of them as per your needs.

4) User registration: A user can register to the store and then they will be able to add products to their shopping cart for purchase.

5) Coupon codes support and discounts: You can offer discounts in your e-commerce store by offering your users coupon codes. A user can enter these codes to get discounts when they are ready to checkout.

6) Images in products page: You can add any number of images in the products page to show your products from different angles.

7) Auto resize of images: All the e-commerce shopping themes support auto resize of images to fit in your site.

8) PSD files: These themes comes with PSD files which you can edit to create your own logo and you can also edit other image content in the site.

9) Breadcrumbs navigation support: Some of the e-commerce themes also support breadcrumbs navigation. It is useful for your users if they wish to land on a particular page quickly.

10) SEO optimized: These e-commerce themes are SEO optimized and your products will be visible in the SERPs.

11) Responsive Themes: The shopping cart themes are responsive and looks same in all devices.

12) jQuery Sliders: You can show off the latest products in a cool jQuery based slider. Content and settings of the sliders are fully customizable.

13) Google, and custom fonts: Most of the themes support Google and custom fonts. You can select the fonts as per your needs in the Theme settings section.

14) Custom Widgets: You can add custom widgets in the theme like recent products, ads or any other social networking feeds.

15) Color settings: You can change the entire color scheme of the theme and also can change the colors for individual elements in the theme.

16) Contact form: Multiple contact forms can be added in the site from the Theme settings page.

17) Wishlist support: Users can add products to their wishlist in their account. That way, they can buy the products at a later time.

18) Compare option: Users can compare between two or more products for features.

19) Custom backgrounds  You can change the default background of the the theme and can add your own backgrounds.

20) Related Products slider: This is a very important element in a e-commerce theme as a user might want to check for other products. It also increases the sale ratio in your store. Almost all the e-commerce themes have a way to show the related products. However, it looks best in the form of a slider in the individual product page.

21) Different layout options: You can pick any pre-designed layout for your store from the admin panel.

22) Shortcodes: Individual elements can be added anywhere in the theme by the use of shortcodes.

23) Gallery support: All the e-commerce shopping estore themes given below supports galleries to display the products.

24) Newsletter support: Some of themes also provide an option for sending newsletters to your registered customers.

25) Social media integration: On the products page you can add social media buttons so that the users can share the products in major social networking sites.

Below given is a list of best online ecommerce shopping store WordPress themes:

1) MayaShop:

MayaShop online ecommerce WordPress theme

2) Replete:

Replete online ecommerce WordPress theme

3) Bazar Shop:

Bazar Shop online ecommerce WordPress theme

4) Sommerce Shop:

Sommerce Shop online ecommerce WordPress theme

5) Blanco:

Blanco online ecommerce WordPress theme

6) Cheope:

Cheope online ecommerce WordPress theme

7) Phomedia:

Phomedia online ecommerce WordPress theme

8) WordPress Sold:

WordPress Sold online ecommerce WordPress theme

9) Room 09 Shop:

Room 09 Shop online ecommerce WordPress theme

10) Camp:

Camp online ecommerce WordPress theme

11) Shoppica:

Shoppica online ecommerce WordPress theme

12) XMarket:

XMarket online ecommerce WordPress theme

13) IDStore:

IDStore online ecommerce WordPress theme

14) Mearishop:

Mearishop online ecommerce WordPress theme

15) OneCart:

OneCart online ecommerce WordPress theme

16) Camy:

Camy online ecommerce WordPress theme

17) Lookshop:

Lookshop online ecommerce WordPress theme

18) Commerce:

Commerce online ecommerce WordPress theme

19) eStore Theme:

estore online ecommerce WordPress theme

20) Store:

Store online ecommerce WordPress theme

21) eShop:

eShop online ecommerce WordPress theme

22) Kidz Store:

Kidz Store online ecommerce WordPress theme

23) WP Store:

WP Store online ecommerce WordPress theme

24) e-Commerce:

e-commerce online ecommerce WordPress theme

25) Emporium:

Emporium online ecommerce WordPress theme

26) RGBStore:

rgbstore online ecommerce WordPress theme

27) Mazine:

Mazine online ecommerce WordPress theme

28) OSComm:

OSComm online ecommerce WordPress theme

29) EStore:

EStore shopping store WordPress theme

30) Viroshop:

Viroshop shopping store WordPress theme

31) Sport and Grunge:

Sport and Grunge shopping store WordPress theme

32) Cute & Sweet:

Cute & Sweet shopping store WordPress theme

33) Child Care:

Child Care shopping store WordPress theme

34) Kids Toys:

Kids Toys shopping store WordPress theme

35) Cherry:

Cherry shopping store WordPress theme

36) Aventador:

Aventador shopping store WordPress theme

37) Dealers:

Dealers shopping store WordPress theme

38) Lorem & Ipsum:

Lorem & Ipsum shopping store WordPress theme

39) ReStored:

ReStored shopping store WordPress theme

40) Koorsi:

Koorsi shopping store WordPress theme

41) Timeline:

Timeline shopping store WordPress theme

42) Cumico:

Cumico shopping store WordPress theme

43) EmolaShop:

EmolaShop shopping store WordPress theme

44) Impulse:

Impulse shopping store WordPress theme

45) CleanSale:

CleanSale shopping store WordPress theme

46) Titania:

Titania shopping store WordPress theme

47) Iceberg:

Iceberg shopping store WordPress theme

48) Adamas:

Adamas shopping store WordPress theme

49) Gigawatt:

Gigawatt shopping store WordPress theme

50) Fashion Shop:

Fashion Shop shopping store WordPress theme

51) Shopaholic:

Shopaholic shopping store WordPress theme

52) Kiosk 2.0:

Kiosk 2.0 shopping store WordPress theme

53) Armonico:

Armonico shopping store WordPress theme

54) Shopsimple:

Shopsimple shopping store WordPress theme

55) Shoppinggo:

Shoppinggo shopping store WordPress theme

56) Razzo:

Razzo shopping store WordPress theme

57) StyleShop:

StyleShop shopping store WordPress theme