List of best restaurant, cafe, food, cooking, recipe, bar WordPress themes

In this post I will discuss about the WordPress themes which are related to restaurant and food businesses. These WordPress themes can also be used for cuisine, cooking, diners, coffee shop, cafe, drinks, winery, pub, bistro, bar, catering, recipe, gourmet, culinary related sites. Here are the features of restaurant WordPress themes:

1) Restaurant menus and menu cards: You can easily add regular or sliding menu cards with pricing information in your restaurant site. In these menus, you can add different categories related to breakfast, dinner, lunch, drinks, and wine. For this purpose custom post types are used.

2) Restaurant reservation forms: You can add reservatiuon forms in the site. These forms can be used by your customers to book a table in your restaurant.

3) PSD files: To edit the default images in the theme, PSD are included. You can use Photoshop to edit these files.

4) Customized sidebars: You can easily create custom sidebars in your site anywhere.

5) Photo Gallery: You can add galleries anywhere in the site as per your requirements. In these galleries you can add images related to your restaurant, recipes, etc.

6) Shortcodes support: You can add extra elements in the site like menus, buttons, maps, etc. by using shortcodes.

7) Custom widgets: Restaurant themes support custom widgets so that you can add specific widgets specially designed for a restaurant site like latest posts, popular posts, etc.

8) Google Analytics integration: You can add the Google Analytics codes in the theme settings section.

9) Custom Sliders: A slider in a food and restaurant theme can be used for display important recipes, services provided or any other information related to your business. These custom sliders can be modified as per your needs.

10) Responsive design: Most of the restaurant WordPress themes given below are responsive. They appear the same, no matter what is the device in which you are viewing the site.

11) Color schemes: You can pick any color scheme from various pre-designed color schemes.

12) SEO optimized  All the below given food related WordPress themes are specifically designed by keeping SEO in mind.

13) Translation support: You can create a restaurant site by using these themes in any language as per your requirements.

14) Thumbnails support: Thumbnails are automatically generated form the images you upload. You can set up these thumbnails to be used in the posts automatically.

15) Custom backgrounds: Some of the restaurant themes support custom backgrounds. You can add image backgrounds in the site related to food, recipes, or pictures of your restaurant.

16) Theme options panel: Most of the food WordPress themes have a theme options panel where you can edit the theme easily.

17) Social media integration: There are various ways to integrate the popular social media tools in your restaurant site. You can add it as buttons in the posts, or as social status in the sidebars or both.

18) Google Maps support: Some food related WordPress themes provide integration of Google maps directly in to the posts section.

Below given is a list of best restaurant, cafe, food, cooking, recipe, bar WordPress themes:

1) The Restaurant:

The restaurant WordPress theme

2) Linguini:

Linguini restaurant WordPress theme

3) Pluto:

Pluto restaurant WordPress theme

4) Limon:

Limon restaurant WordPress theme

5) White Rock:

White Rock restaurant WordPress theme

6) Bordeaux:

Bordeaux restaurant WordPress theme

7) Gusteau:

Gusteau restaurant WordPress theme

8) Food Recipes:

Food Recipes restaurant WordPress theme

9) Ristorante:

Ristorante restaurant WordPress theme

10) Delicieux:

Delicieux restaurant WordPress theme

11) Eatery:

Eatery cafe WordPress theme

12) Bistro:

Bistro cafe WordPress theme

13) Victoria:

Victoria cafe WordPress theme

14) Spa & Restaurant:

Spa & Restaurant WordPress theme

15) Elegantia:

Elegantia cafe WordPress theme

16) Coffee Shop:

Coffee Shop cafe WordPress theme

17) Palazzo Di Sole:

Palazzo Di Sole cafe WordPress theme

18) FoodMe:

FoodMe cafe WordPress theme

19) The Vineyard:

The Vineyard cafe WordPress theme

20) Delicioso:

Delicioso cafe WordPress theme

21) Mataam:

Mataam food WordPress theme

22) Goodold:

Goodold food WordPress theme

23) Foodlovers:

Foodlovers food WordPress theme

24) Le Maitre d’:

Le Maitre d' food WordPress theme

25) Bonanza:

Bonanza food WordPress theme

26) Restaurant Classic Edition:

Restaurant Classic Edition WordPress theme

27) Ermark Adora:

Ermark Adora food WordPress theme

28) Fine Food:

Fine Food WordPress theme

29) LemonChili:

LemonChili Food WordPress theme

30) Dine & Drink:

Dine & Drink Food WordPress theme

31) Arapah:

Arapah Food WordPress theme

32) Cooker:

Cooker cooking WordPress theme

33) Stomaci:

Stomaci cooking WordPress theme

34) Food & Wine:

Food & Wine cooking WordPress theme

35) Forkbite:

Forkbite cooking WordPress theme

36) LinoFeast:

LinoFeast cooking WordPress theme

37) Lezzatos:

Lezzatos cooking WordPress theme

38) Mazzareli:

Mazzareli recipe WordPress theme

39) Taste of Japan:

Taste of Japan recipe WordPress theme

40) Bonjour:

Bonjour recipe WordPress theme

41) Petit:

Petit recipe WordPress theme

42) MagTruetitude:

MagTruetitude bar WordPress theme

43) Forked:

Forked bar WordPress theme

44) MyCuisine:

MyCuisine bar WordPress theme

45) Restaurant:

Restaurant WordPress theme

46) Gourmet:

Gourmet WordPress theme

47) Foodilicious:

Foodilicious catering WordPress theme

48) Time for Food:

Time for Food culinary WordPress theme

49) Delicious Restaurant:

Delicious Restaurant WordPress theme

50) Redminton:

Redminton diners WordPress theme