List of best WordPress themes for creating Job board site

You can easily create a job board directory, employee-employer community site, employment position listing, profession, career, occupation site by using any of the below given WordPress themes. All you need to do is to install any of the below given WordPress themes, tweak some settings and you can have your very own Job board site in no time. Separate login sections will be provided for both job seekers and employers. Here are the features of Job board WordPress themes:

1) Resume upload for job seekers: Job seekers can create an account and add their resume. Resume is submitted in a category tree structure so that employers can easily find them.

2) Jobs listings for employers: Employers can create an account and then create job listings. Job listings are submitted in a category tree structure so that job seekers can easily find them.

3) Paypal and other forms of payments: You can enable Paypal payments, Google Wallet,, WorldPay and 2Checkout payments for regular and featured job listings. You can enable recurring Paypal payments for listings. You can also change the currency as per your needs.

4) Custom submissions forms: You can customize the submission forms used by the job seekers and the employers from the admin section.

5) Google maps integration: Google maps is fully integrated in the job board site and employers can use it for adding directions to their office.

6) Listing moderation: You can enable listing moderation so that you can maually check each listing posted on your job board site.

7) Coupons support: You can offer discounts for the standard listing fee by the use of coupons.

8) Custom widgets: Job board WordPress theme is equipped with all the custom widgets which are necessary for running a Job site.

9) Import data: You can import data from the admin section using .csv files.

10) Automated emails: Job board WordPress theme will send automated emails for various user actions. For Example, if a job seeker applies to a job listing, an email wil be sent to the employer.You can edit these automated emails from the admin section.

11) Different templates: Job board WordPress theme comes with many templates. You can pick one as per you requirements.

12) Facebook Login: You can enable Facebook login so that both job seekers and employers can skip registration and directly login from Facebook.

13) Live Search: Job board them comes with Live search functionality. When a user types a text in the search box, search suggestions will pop up.

14) Blog section: You will still have a regular WordPress blog section for posting blog posts.

15) Translation support: By using the Job board WordPress theme you can create a Job community site in any language.

List of best WordPress themes for creating Job board site:

1) Job Board:

Job Board WordPress theme

2) Nine to Five:

Nine to Five Job Board WordPress theme

3) Jobify:

Jobify Job Board WordPress theme

4) EmployeePress:

EmployeePress Job Board WordPress theme