List of best WordPress themes for travel, tours, living, maps, location guide blogs

This post is about WordPress themes which are related to travel, tour, expedition, journey, excursion, trek, trip, voyage, excursion, discovery, passage, living, maps, and location guide blogs. These WordPress themes can also be used by travelers for adventure, exploration, navigation, camping, riding, picnic, cruising, sailing, boating, sightseeing, outing, safari, and other travel related activities.

Here are the features of travel WordPress themes:

1) Google maps integration: Almost all the WordPress themes given below comes with integrated Google maps. Some of the travel WordPress themes support custom markers where users can pin point locations in the maps. Also, you can add videos, ads, reviews, cities and other information along with maps.

2) User ratings and reviews: In a travel theme, a user can rate and write a review about a particular place.

3) Paypal integration: Some of the tour WordPress themes have Paypal integrated so that users can pay you directly for your travel services.

4) Upload data: You can import data related to places, etc. in to your travel site by using .csv files.

5) User articles and listings: You can enable the option from the Theme settings panel, such that users can create their own articles and listings in your travel site.

6) CMS like register forms: You can replace the default WordPress register form by a CMS style custom registration form. You can edit the fields in this form as per your needs.

7) Email templates: You can edit the email templates which would be sent to your users on different website actions.

8) Custom pages: You can easily create custom pages which are necessary for a travel site like events and places, etc.

9) Color schemes: There are many color schemes provided with a travel theme. You can change the color schemes from the Theme settings section.

10) Shortcodes: You can also add maps, columns, boxes, buttons, lists and other content elements in the posts and pages by the help of shortcodes.

11) Social media integration: Social media icons and tools are already added in the travel theme. You can use them in posts, pages, sidebars, etc.

12) Custom gallery: Every trek WordPress theme comes with a fully customizable gallery where you can add your travel photos.

13) Custom sliders: You can add unlimited number of sliders in homepage and other pages of your travel site. These sliders are fully customizable.

14) PSD files: You can easily edit the images of the travel and living WordPress themes by using PSD files. These PSD files can be edited in a fly in Photoshop.

15) Contact forms: You can create and add contact forms from the Theme Settings page.

16) SEO optimized: All the trip WordPress themes given below are SEO optimized.

17) Full screen custom backgrounds: Some of the tour WordPress themes given below supports full screen backgrounds. Here you can add your full size travel photos as backgrounds.

18) Adaptive themes: Some of the journey WordPress themes given below are adaptive to any devices like iPhones, iPads and other smart phones.

19) Fully localized: By using any of the travel WordPress themes you can change the language of the entire site or for specific elements as per your needs.

20) Custom CSS: For few of the tour WordPress themes you can modify CSS and styles without coding.

21) Fonts selection  Almost all the below given travel WordPress themes provide options for modifying the fonts for individual elements.

22) Different layout options: You can change the layout of your travel based blog as per your requirements. For Example, 2 columns, 3 columns sidebars, full content, etc.

23) Dynamic image re-size: When you are uploading images you don’t have to worry about size of images which goes in sliders or galleries. They will be automatically cropped to fit in the particular content section.

List of best WordPress themes for travel, tours, living, maps, location guide blogs:

1) Destination:

Destination travel WordPress theme

2) Geo Places:

Geo Places location guide WordPress theme

3) World Traveler:

World Traveler travel WordPress theme

4) Traveling:

Traveling WordPress theme

5) The Navigator:

The Navigator maps WordPress theme

6) Arctica:

Arctica tours WordPress theme

7) Midway:

Midway travel and living WordPress theme

8) wpTraveller:

wpTraveller trips WordPress theme

9) Lamoon:

Lamoon travel WordPress theme

10) Travel Island:

Travel Island WordPress theme

11) Travel Fullscreen:

Travel Fullscreen WordPress theme

12) Travelo:

Travelo WordPress theme

13) Trek:

Trek WordPress theme

14) Lost World:

Lost World travel WordPress theme

15) Discovery:

Discovery travel, adventure WordPress theme

16) Explorable:

Explorable travel, maps WordPress theme