List of most beautiful, great looking, stunning, classy, gorgeous WordPress themes

If you are looking for a beautiful, appealing, dazzling, attractive, spectacular, striking, pleasing, exquisite, stunning, wonderful, lovely, marvelous, mind blowing, radiant, gorgeous, pretty, magnificent great looking, charming, or a classy WordPress theme, then, I have made a list of themes as given below.

Here are the features of a beautiful WordPress Theme:

1) Custom Sliders: Sliders enhance the beauty of a WordPress theme considerably. It’s a no-brainer as images are more beautiful than text content. Also, the automatic animation of a slider makes your WordPress blog more LIVELY. There are many in-built animations and slider effects to choose from. The themes which I have sorted in the below given list have powerful custom sliders which you can edit as per your requirements. You can add flash content, video content, images, buttons in the sliders. Some of the themes have layered sliders where you can have text and images popping up in a cyclic fashion from left, right, up or down.

2) Theme Colors: Colors make a WordPress theme appealing. The trick in designing a great looking WordPress theme is the usage of colors. If you go through the list you will find designers have used great color combinations. They aren’t very flashy but modest. Colors like light green, light orange, teal, brownish, grayish, combinations of blue and red, etc. makes a WordPress theme quite charming. You can also change the colors of individual elements or for the entire theme as per your needs.

3) Retina Ready: Almost all the attractive WordPress themes given below are retina ready. They look great in retina devices like Macbook, iMac and iPad. A retina device uses high resolution display and many of the regular themes won’t appear the same in these devices.

4) Responsive design: Not just the retina devices, these themes look great in any device with any type of screen resolutions.

5) Custom widgets: Custom widgets play a very important role in making a WordPress theme stunning. There are many custom widgets like popular posts, most commented posts, recent tweets, etc. which are available with the themes given below.

6) Custom Shortcodes: All the pretty WordPress themes in the list comes with custom shortcodes. You can add content like videos, gallery, lists, columns etc. in the posts and the pages by using shortcodes.

7) Custom CSS: If you wish to change the CSS of these themes then you can do it from Theme Settings. There are plethora of options to edit the CSS, without editing a single line of code.

8) Website layout: You can set up and change the layout of the site as you see fit. You can use any number of sidebars.

Based on these points, here is a list of most beautiful, great looking, stunning, classy, gorgeous WordPress themes:

1) Avada:

Avada beautiful WordPress theme

2) U-Design:

U-Design beautiful WordPress theme

3) Karma:

Karma beautiful WordPress theme

4) Striking:

Striking WordPress theme

5) Modernize:

Modernize great looking WordPress theme

6) inFocus:

inFocus great looking WordPress theme

7) Dandelion:

Dandelion great looking WordPress theme

8) Enfold:

Enfold great looking WordPress theme

9) DynamiX:

DynamiX great looking WordPress theme

10) Bigbang:

Bigbang great looking WordPress theme


KALLYAS stunning WordPress theme

12) Gonzo:

Gonzo stunning WordPress theme

13) Inovado:

Inovado stunning WordPress theme

14) Sahifa:

Sahifa stunning WordPress theme

15) Unite:

Unite stunning WordPress theme

16) Mingle:

Mingle classy WordPress theme

17) SmartStart:

SmartStart classy WordPress theme

18) Super Skeleton:

Super Skeleton classy WordPress theme

19) Salutation:

Salutation classy WordPress theme

20) RockWell:

RockWell classy WordPress theme

21) RT-Theme 17:

RT-Theme 17 gorgeous WordPress theme

22) Aware:

Aware gorgeous WordPress theme

23) Salient:

Salient gorgeous WordPress theme

24) Avenue:

Avenue gorgeous WordPress theme

25) Newscast 4 in 1:

Newscast 4 in 1 gorgeous WordPress theme

26) Flare:

Flare appealing WordPress theme

27) Daisho:

Daisho appealing WordPress theme

28) PureVISION:

PureVISION appealing WordPress theme

29) Nimble:

Nimble dazzling WordPress theme

30) Website:

Website dazzling WordPress theme

31) Continuum:

Continuum dazzling WordPress theme

32) One Touch:

One Touch attractive WordPress theme

33) Centum:

Centum attractive WordPress theme

34) Flexform:

Flexform attractive WordPress theme


ELOGIX spectacular WordPress theme


BUILDER spectacular WordPress theme

37) Office:

Office spectacular WordPress theme

38) Complexity:

Complexity pleasing WordPress theme

39) Studiofolio:

Studiofolio pleasing WordPress theme

40) Max Mag:

Max Mag pleasing WordPress theme

41) Jarida:

Jarida exquisite WordPress theme

42) Solid WP:

Solid WP exquisite WordPress theme

43) InStyle:

InStyle wonderful WordPress Theme

44) Deviant:

Deviant lovely WordPress Theme

45) Glow:

Glow marvelous WordPress Theme

46) Pretty:

Pretty WordPress Theme

47) Beatific:

Beatific WordPress Theme

48) Webworker:

Beatific radiant WordPress Theme

49) Blue Diamond:

Blue Diamond radiant WordPress Theme

50) Fable:

Fable radiant WordPress Theme