Minimalist photography WordPress theme with massive 1440px images

Photopia - Minimalist photography WordPress theme with massive 1440px images
This post is about Photopia a minimalist photographic WordPress theme that caters for photographers who want to showcase their beautiful photographic portfolio using large images.

Here are the features of the minimalist WordPress theme Photopia:

1) Minimal Design: Minimalistic single column design with no sidebar allowing for the photographic image to be the main centerpiece of the design. The theme allows users to really experience the content at a truly stunning size.

2) Responsive Design: Adapts perfectly to fit all popular mobile devices. The theme caters for five responsive designs – from the large desktops featuring 1440px size images to the small mobile screens.

3) Big Format Images: Justifies your photography at a truly stunning size. The images are large. Really large and display beautifully on large retina screens.

4) AJAX Loading: Theme options allow you to choose AJAX loading archives. AJAX replaces the next and previous links and shows posts on a continuous flow as the user scrolls down the page.

5) Theme Customization: The theme allows an admin user to customize the site title and tag line; Set the color of the header text and background color; Change the header image and background image; And add WordPress widgets just above the page footer.

In Summary: Photopia is a niche WordPress theme catering for the photographer who wants to show off their skill using large images in a minimalistic manner. The theme isn’t for everyone but if you have a stunning photographic portfolio then Photopia may be for you.

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