Responsive professional WordPress theme with custom layer slider

Responsive Professional WordPress theme with custom layer slider
This post is about a responsive Professional WordPress theme with custom layer slider. This WordPress theme has multiple homepage options, multiple blog page options, multiple portfolio options and multiple gallery options. In Professional WordPress theme, you can add custom pages using page builder tool and add different types of elements using shortcodes.

Here are the features of responsive Professional WordPress theme with custom layer slider:

1) Custom layer slider: You can add a custom layer slider in the homepage. You can edit slider Title color, Slider caption color, Slider title background, Caption color for the slider, Caption background for the slider, Slider bullet color, Slider bullet background, Slider bullet active color, Slider navigation background, Slider navigation hover background, Slider thumbnails background, Stunning text title color, Stunning text caption color, and Stunning text background color. You can also choose slider animation effect, enable or disable bullets, Pause on hover settings, enable or disable navigation in sliders, display navigation only when someone hovers, set up animation speed and pause time.

2) Homepage options: Professional WordPress theme has four homepage options. You can select anyone for your site.

3) Blog options: You can create the blog section with the following options: Blog with left sidebar, Blog with right sidebar, Blog with both left and right sidebars, Blog with no sidebar. Also you can display blog posts in one column layout, two columns layout, three columns layout and four columns layout.

4) Portfolio options: You can add a portfolio section with the following options: Portfolio section with two columns, Portfolio section with three columns, Portfolio section with four columns, Portfolio section with left sidebar, Portfolio section with right sidebar, Portfolio section with both left and right sidebars, Portfolio with jQuery filterer, Portfolio with regular filterer, and Portfolio with gallery style.

5) Gallery options: You can add a gallery section with the following options: Gallery with two columns, Gallery with three columns and Gallery with four columns.

6) Custom pages: You can add the following types of custom pages in your site: FAQ page, Contact page, custom 404 page, search page and Sitemaps page. You can also create a custom page using the page builder tool.

7) Shortcodes support: You can add toggle boxes, testimonials, videos, pricing tables, social icons, tabs, message boxes, galleries, lightboxes, frames, list styles, drop-caps, buttons, columns, dividers, accordions and block-quotes in your site by using shortcodes.

8) Other features: Professional WordPress theme has thumbnail management options, options to add custom CSS, supports custom sidebars, options to choose footer styles, Google Analytics integration, favicon uploader, option to edit font size of elements, option to enable or disable admin translator, Captcha for comment boxes, and disable right-click on the site.

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